Of diamonds and meat: Culturing a better future

March 27, 2019

Original article from foodsafetynews.com.

The USDA and FDA recently announced their historic agreement to jointly regulate meat grown from animal cells, helping pave the pathway to commercialization of what’s often called cultured meat, clean meat, and now the newest term: cell-based meat.

Start-ups culturing meat and their supporters point out that cellular agriculture can theoretically produce vast amounts of meat with relatively few resources, all while leaving a lighter footprint on the planet and animals, as well as improving food safety.

Not everyone’s so enthused.

Some voices from the cattle ranching community are crying “bull” on cell ag. Their beef with cell-cultured beef primarily rests with the name game: They want these start-ups barred from even calling their products “meat” in the first place. That privilege, they claim, ought to be reserved solely for the flesh of animals who were once alive.

Unbeknownst to both sides, however, is that a very similar struggle took place in Washington’s halls of power recently.

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