Interview with Scott Larsen, Director of Le Bono Collection (Nuzest)

May 3, 2019
Cath Jacobs, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Responsible Future (ARF), recently spoke to Scott Larsen, Director of Le Bono Collection and one of ARF’s SME members.

Tell us about Nuzest and what you have been up to recently.

Recently, Nuzest has been super busy attending so many events in Singapore and many of these have been set up and organized by the ARF. Over the last 6 months, we have been able to give out thousands of sachets as part of a wide taste testing campaign that exposes people living in Singapore to plant-based nutritional solutions.

Events we have been attending cut across many markets, including:
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Those pursuing a plant-based diet
  • People who have weight loss and weight management goals
  • Individuals with a specific health condition that may need a comprehensive nutritional solution
Our goal is entirely focused on providing world leading nutritional formulations, to achieve optimal wellness and health.

What role does Nuzest play in the greener and healthier ecosystem in Singapore?

Nuzest is a pioneer in the plant-based protein movement. Although the Nuzest range is entirely vegan, this is not written in large font on the bottles, rather, Nuzest products love to go head-to-head with their whey and non-vegan counterparts and win on performance, price and taste. It’s not good enough to simply have a vegan product in the market, it must be better, across key metrics!

By being a market leader we are showing there is an appetite for vegan products and conscious consumerism is growing as a market segment. Given the increase in lifestyle diseases in Singapore and the broader South East Asian market, as well as huge demographic truths, such as; 90% of people of South East Asian descent, are lactose intolerant. We know that it is a matter of time and education before the move from whey and non-vegan competition happens.

When did you first start working with ARF?

For the last 3-4 years, Nuzest has been an annual participant in EarthFest, the annual flagship event of ARF’s partner programme. It’s only more recently that we became aware of the full scope of  ARF and have become an active member and supporter. We are excited to be collaborating on a much closer and frequent basis and look forward to adding loads of value back to this community moving forward.

As an ARF member, what have been some of the benefits to you and why would you suggest other companies to join?

Really the major benefit to us has been access and invitations to partner events to showcase the Nuzest brand. It can be tough for an SME to get in front of multinational big players, however, via ARF conferences and meetups we have made several market connections and look forward to the opportunities over the coming months.