Interview with Sayang’s!

May 27, 2019
(1) Tell us more about Sayang’s and your products?
Sayang’s is an online shop that offers plant-based bakes since 1 December 2017. Dark chocolate ganache cakes made with fair trade ingredients are our specialty. Prior to December 2017, Sayang’s was known as The Vegan Bakes ‘n’ Makes. We decided to rebrand ourselves to reach out to a wider audience.
(2) What role does Sayang’s play in the greener and healthier ecosystem in Singapore?
Sayang’s is aware of the negative environmental impact and ethical issues associated with the production of animal products commonly used in cakes such as dairy butter, eggs and cow’s milk, as well as palm oil-derived shortening and vegetable oil due to the controversies surrounding the production of palm oil. We are proud to share that we do not use these ingredients in our bakes. Also, we encourage our customers to Bring-Your-Own-Bag for cake collection, as a small step in spreading awareness of the 5Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair and Refuse).
(3) When did you first start working with ARF?
We started working as a corporate member with ARF’s parent organisation, Vegetarian Society (Singapore) in December 2017 and have continued our membership since the conception of ARF.
(4) As an ARF member, what have been some of the benefits to you and why would you suggest other companies to join?
We continued our membership with ARF as we felt that we could continue to reach a large, ethical and eco-conscious audience with our products.