TAI SENG YEE (Executive Director of Zenxin Agri-Organic Food Singapore) graduated from the National University Singapore (NUS, Singapore) with a Bachelor of Science and a minor in Entrepreneurship from University of Pennsylvania (UPENN, Philadelphia, USA).

Mr. Tai joined Zenxin Agri-Organic Food in 2006 and has since created four associate companies for the group: Zenxin Organic Park, Zenxin Agri-Organic Food Singapore, Zenxin Hong Kong Limited, and Zenxin Travel.

Zenxin Organic Park is an integrated recreation farm, complete with its own retail shop and restaurant, that organises engaging activities for the public that raises awareness for the value and benefits of organic food and organic farming. To date, it has welcomed more than 500,000 Singaporean visitors and was rated on TripAdvisor as one of the top three places to visit in Kluang, Malaysia.

Zenxin Agri-Organic Food Singapore was established in 2007. Under Mr. Tai’s watch, the young company has successfully established the Zenxin brandname as a by-word for quality and value-for-money organic produce in Singapore and Malaysia within a short period of time. Today, Zenxin is a household brand and the market leader in the organic produce sector in Singapore and Malaysia. Marketed under the slogan “Your Reliable Organic Produce”, Zenxin organic produce can be found in prestigious grocery chains like Cold Storage, Jason’s and Market Place, and mass market supermarkets like Giant in Singapore, as well as supermarkets and hypermarkets in all the major cities of Malaysia.

In view of the increasingly discerning taste of the consumers, Mr. Tai visits outstanding organic farms and food producers in various parts of the world to source for a wider variety of quality produce and products that satisfy Zenxin’s stringent requirements for the farming techniques and standards of these growers, and the quality of the soil and water at the farms. Zenxin’s house brand Simply Natural was created in 2009 as a vehicle to market these organic produce and grains, and to add diversity to Zenxin’s inventory.

Under the guidance of Mr Tai, Zenxin Agri-Organic Food received its certification as an organic food grower and distributor by NASAA[1], and was also authorised to award the organic certification to farms for their production, transportation, packaging, storage and retailing processes. Zenxin has since overseen the certification of 25 quality organic farms in Malaysia and has entered into a contractual relationship with them to provide produce for distribution by Zenxin. The company is also pivotal in the establishment of fair and stable prices for organic produce in Singapore and Malaysia.

Mr. Tai gave speeches on behalf of the organic farming industry in Singapore and Malaysia at international forums, including Go Organic Bangkok, Malaysia Agriculture Horticulture Agrotourism (MAHA), Organic Symposium South East Asia in Bangkok, and International Sustainable Agriculture Congress. He is a regular speaker on talk shows, current affair programs and media interviews by the media in Singapore and Malaysia. The issues that he is most passionate about are: how organic farming can solve food shortages all over the world, and how to create jobs and boost the economy through high-yielding, sustainable farm management. He welcomes young professionals to join his team, and is constantly looking to introduce advanced farming techniques and technology to improve the livelihood of farmers.

[1] NASAA is the acronym for the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. Founded in 1986, it is the official authority in organic supply chain standards testing and certification in Australia. Its certification is recognised not only in Australia, but also in a dozen other countries.