Disruption in Food and Sustainability Summit

Disruption in Food and Sustainability Summit

We are looking for sponsors and collaborators for DFSS 2019

If you are interested email Ms Cath Jacobs at cath@arf.org.sg


The inaugural Disruption in Food and Sustainability Summit took place in March 2018 with a focus on Plant-Based and protein innovative food products, food security and sustainability with technology innovation and new business models as enablers.  

The seminar’s objective was to drive innovation in the food, food security and sustainability space, explore and showcase new opportunities across these ecosystems and provide the platform for grassroots to senior level dialogue

The 2ndedition will take place in March 2019. The focus will be to build on the themes from the 2018 encompassing the end-to-end value chain providing a platform for all players in the plant-based ecosystem to promote their products and solutions/technologies to potential customers,  share their expertise and for market buyers to have a fuller understanding of what is out there and who to do business with. The Summit will create dialogue focusing on solutions and challenges faced by the industry and foster partnerships, networks and connections.

Watch this space for updates on DFSS 2019